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Where Design meets Comfort

A great design has the ability to make you feel excited to wear your new shoes but nothing beats those special shoes that feel amazing. Kingsley Crew makes designer shoes in premium quality that are made to feel as good as they look. We learned that the following features help to make a comfortable shoe. The KC Sneaker is our way of incorporating those elements into a stylish and timeless design.

  • Strong ankle support
  • Sufficient space for toes to wiggle
  • Rubber soles that offer traction and support
  • Shoe laces in adult sizes (36 – 46) make shoes easily adjustable for individual feet
  • Velcro clasp for a quick and easy sturdy hold
  • Natural breathable materials
  • Easy to remove insole in case you need medical made-to-measure insoles as recommended by your orthopedist
  • Heel reinforcement and cushioned ankle
  • High Top design offers extra support for uneven flooring
  • Easy and comfortable to wear


The twinning option that our assortment offers, lets modern families subtly express their bond. By combining a timeless unisex design with an extraordinary size range, we offer families a new way to casually match. Moms cant subtly match their sons while fathers and daughters do too. Families are perfectly imperfect, that’s something that we all share, but who says our shoes can’t be perfect?

Quality for Big and Small

We like things that feel good, look cool and make sense. Since family is at the center of all that we do, Kingsley Crew is dedicated to make products that tick all the boxes for everyone, big or small. Quality and sourcing is at the center of our timeless designs and are made to fit the lifestyle of a modern urban family.