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Father’s Day

Family Twinning, News , May 22, 2019

With Fathers Day around the corner I wanted to write a piece about how twinning with dad can be so fun for everyone in the family. First of all, who in this world doesn’t love a mini-me?

Father and son bonding

Be it behavior, mannerisms, cultural rites and even style – us parents want children to be a positive reflection  of us especially around other people.  Even though they also always inherit the not so good stuff from us too. At the end of the day it’s our job raise respectful, independent and happy little people. Its how we have always taught the next generation values, ethics and manners that are relevant to the societies we live in.

This is common practice all over the world, dare I say it always has been in some form or other? I expect it to continue to remain so in the future.  But social studies and human nature aside it’s really the cuteness and bonding factor that makes family twinning so appealing to us in our house.

I think being a good parent is doing your best, never giving up on your child(ren),  knowing when to lead by example and apologize whenever necessary. None of these things is easy in the daily or when tough times come around. It’s a struggle, it’s a constant worry  but it’s also the greatest joy and action pact adventure you will ever have. In spite of everything it’s also an exceptional opportunity to self-reflect and grow to be a better you. Because who better to better yourself for, than your better mini-me?

Father & son mini-mes black sneakers

On that note, I wanted to show that sometimes it takes some dinosaurs and cookies to get that perfect shot and that is fine by us. Just because they want match shoes with you and look up to you with marveling adoration in their big eyes doesn’t mean they are going to sit still when you want to put on their shoes. And so the cycle continues, everywhere in the world between parents and children no matter their age, cultural background, education or race – children aren’t here to make it easy on us but rather to share this journey with us.


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