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CEO / Designer

Lauren is a mom of three kids and married is married to Gerd. Born in California, she moved to Austria when she was twelve and loves her life in Austria. Enzo made them a family four years after she fell in love with Gerd. Kingsley Crew is their fourth child and is inspired by their everyday-life as a family.

Lauren has extensive international and national corporate experience. In her past¬† life she was able to gain experience in the area of strategy, PR & Lobbying, Marketing and Branding in various industries, which have really helped her as the CEO of Kingsley Crew. Thanks to her experience as a modern woman, mom, wife and mom as well as her MBA (Masters of Business Administration), she was able to identify a market gap in the family and lifestyle sector. Her time working and internationally and traveling inspire her as a designer and product developer. Her time as a mom has taken Lauren’s fascination with practical products and smart designs to the next level. She has always loved to express herself with fashion and greatly influenced her as a designer.

It has always been important for Lauren to be respectful of the environment, all people and to pass on these values to future generations and which she incorporates in to Kingsley Crew. Finally, premium and consciously made products as well as her affinity to the finer things in life have always been her passion. Kingsley Crew is the result of these passions and shows the perspective of a woman who cares about the things that are good for us.



Gerd, a proud father and family man is a restructuring consultant and co-founder of Kingsley Crew. His Master of Finance from Cass Business School and his MBA degree from INSEAD have strengthened Gerd’s skills and help shape his professional life. Gerd’s expertise as a consultant, investment banker and in his family 150 year-old-family company has proven incredibly valuable during the founding of Kingsley Crew. In addition, his singular attention to detail is the perfect match with Lauren’s aesthetic. Together, they make for the perfect team, running the business and managing the family in tandem.