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1. toe space

Extra toe space for wiggling and growing toes.

2. Laces

Kids: Elastic laces encourage kids to be more independent because they are easily slipped on and off

Adults: Cotton Laces allow you to properly fit the shoe onto your foot for a better fit  extra comfort

3. Velcro clasp

Velcro clasp helps to adjust it to different foot shapes, is easy to use and gives you extra support

4. Sole

100% protection sole against hard surfaces, is water and corrosion resistant and provides traction

5. High Top

The high Top design provides you with ample ankle support, making these shoes more comfortable for longer periods of time

6. Pull tab

Pull tab to help pull on your shoes quickly


We believe that personal well-being is incessant for a good start in the day, that’s why we take careful consideration of the wearing comfort, sourcing of materials and the elements of our designs. Because we all deserve to feel good, no matter where we step. We learned all about what makes an exceptional shoe for feet of all sizes in the family from local renowned orthopedic technicians.