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Kingsley Crew is made up of four kids who are just like you. They know what it’s like to to be a kid in a world full of grown-ups. Join them on their first big adventure their comic, The Magical Travel Book. You can see how a normal school day turns into something so unexpected, their lives will never be the same. .


As parents we know how important it is to children that they identify with the products they wear. Just like us, they feel the need to express themselves by wearing things they feel good in. But as parents we also know that much of the children’s products out there don’t always appeal to us as much as our children. That’s why we came up with our own superhero characters, that all children can identify with. The first edition introduces the kids of Kingsley Crew, who also wear our shoes. We think its kinds acts that make superheroes and that everyone – no matter their age is capable of being a real life superhero. We are giving out the first edition for free with every child shoe purchase for a limited time.



My name is Josephine but you can call me Joey. and I love to sing and dance with my friend Lily. I’m a regular kid with a twin bother named Enzo and I love school. I can be loud and my mom say’s that I have a strong personality and will be a real successful woman one day but I already am if you ask me. I’m really good at languages, love animals and finding solutions. It makes me feel like a detective and engineer whenever I figure things out.

  • Favorite subject:
  • History & Languages
  • Brother:
  • Enzo
  • Loves:
  • Singing, Taekwondo and quesadillas


Hey, its me Enzo. My  sister is also my twin and her name is Joey. I am a thinker and an athlete. Being fast on the court but good at planing in the classroom are my specialty. I love any sport but Taekwondo is my passion second only to guitar and chess.

  • Favorite color:
  • Violet
  • Favorite subject:
  • Geography and Math
  • Sister:
  • Joey


I’m a gymnast but also love to ice skate with my best friend Joey. Farcorner is the coolest place to live because there is so much to do and I like to make it my business to keep it that way.

  • Favorite subject:
  • Social Studies
  • Favorite color:
  • Red


I’m Diego and my forefathers have lived in Far Corner since its beginning and there is no better place to live. I’m fascinated by all things that move so naturally I love sports and physics. I have been training in Taekwondo with my best friends Enzo and Joey since I was in diapers with my dad.

  • Favorite subject:
  • Physics
  • Favorite color:
  • Green


The first 1000 copies of Episode 01 The Magical Travel Book are being given for free with every kids purchase for a limited time. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more. You can read it in English & German.

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