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We are a brand for the modern family who carefully curates our capsule footwear designs. As such we are inspired by our everyday family happenings in Vienna, Austria. 


We carefully curated an exclusive selection of shoe production experts to cooperate with in Portugal and Italy. Sourcing partners with transparent and fair production standards that leave the least impact possible on mother nature is a top priority at Kingsley Crew.


Our goal is to create luxury shoes that feel as good as they look. We do this by thoroughly testing new models on ourselves and children. If they are not good enough for us then they are definitely are not good enough for our customers.  We make improvements until we get it right. 


Once we are satisfied with the design, craftsmanship and materials we take the new shoe model to our cooperation partners, locally renowned and respected orthopedic specialists and technicians. They independently review the new model and give us their analysis results. 


By engaging with our customer we are able to make further improvements to our designs, shoe fit and comfy feel. 


We are determined to make quality products that work for our customers. Every new model is not only tested by us and orthopedic technicians but also re-worked and adaptations are made according to direct customer feedback regarding fit and feel.


We have great respect for the craft of local Portuguese shoe artisans. Shoe-making is one of societies oldest crafts therefore it is with great pride and excitement that we watch our shoe designs being created in the production workshop. 

We are learning so much about the shoe making craft and history of the shoe industry. 

By understanding how our shoes are made we can better identify where to improve and how to incorporate fairer, more sustainable production alternatives as well as the use of recycled materials. 



100 % European cattle leather 

Leather has been used to make shoes for thousands of years. It remains so to this day because it’s natural properties make it breathable,  durable and if protected, also water resistant. 

Our premium leather is carefully selected to meet our exceedingly high quality standards. As a natural material no hide is identical to another, its perfectly imperfect. 


100 % European cattle leather 

Leather offers extra comfort because the material naturally molds to fit your feet. Leather is also easy to care for, it only require a damp cloth and dry easily.  

We carefully source our leather because it has an undeniable impact on the environment. We are dedicated to minimizing our negative impact on mother nature and producing responsibly.


Our insoles are designed to provide extra comfort. The top layer of our insole is made out leather and provides many advantages for your feet. The final layer is made out of an EVA cushion sole, that softens impact and bounces back into shape with every step, it just feels good.


Our EVA soles were selected to give your feet the most protection and shock absorption. It provides traction, is water and corrosion resistant and has insulation properties.